Spliting entities by a plane (rectangle)

See the decorations in the kitchen:

the decoration frames on doors of cabinets, decotating entities on the top of the upper cabinets … Sometimes I need to split object like this. Because when I want to change dimension of the cabinet component, the decoration form would be changed (deformed). So I do this:

I select the entities, I go to parent no to collide with entities when I will draw rectangle. And then I wanted to draw rectangle orthogonal to the surface to cut the entities… But always the frame of the rectangle slips to incorrect axis. Do you use rectangle to cut the entities? If yes how?

When I have my plane drawn orthogonally, then I group the entities, intersect the plane with model, and then I delete then redundant lines of plane. I take the newly created entities (edges) and reparent them to the entities of decoration, to fix the edges of decoration.

It seems like very complicated process.

Do you have simplification?

version SU 8

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