Splicing sheets in Layout

I have divided one building site into 3 24x36" sheets. Is there a way to splice or match them, to put all 3 on a single 24x36" sheet?

Thank you

I think so but I’d need to see the LO file to tell you exactly what to do. Is the building site modeled in SketchUp?

Thanks. It is a landscape plan and the site takes 3 sheets. I’m hoping to be able to reduce the scale and have all three on one sheet. Yes, the basic layout was done in SketchUp, but the symbols are all from Layout. I can send pdfs when complete.

Can you send the LayOut file? It would be easier to show you how to do what you need to do if I can see the file. You could send it by PM if you don’t want to make it public.

Thanks, I’ll send the file

Dandrea res. .layout (2.7 MB)

Got it. Sorry for the delay. I was doing some online training with another guy.

I think I see what needs to be done. I’m trying to figure out where to start. Is it the last three pages you’re trying to combine?

Thank you. I’m trying to combine 1, 2 & 3. They are not finished yet. Not all the symbols will fit on the pages, but the client is ok with that.

You project isn’t very easy to work with because you’ve used the Last saved SketchUp view for the viewports and then modified it in LO. Between that and the combination of SU and LO entities, it’s kind of a challenge.

Does this look kind of like what you are hoping to end up with? It needs to be resized to fit on the page but it’s all together on one.

I grouped the contents of each of the pages and then copied them to an additional page in your project. I rotated each of the groups 90° and lined them up next to each other. (By the way, in order to get rid of the white background from the viewports, I turned off Sky in your SU model and updated the style.)

Since you really don’t need three copies of the viewport here, I edited two of the groups and deleted the viewport leaving only the symbols and stuff you added in LayOut. Then in the third group, which still has the viewport, I dragged the edge of the viewport out to encompass the rest of the drawing.

You should probably reduce the number of tree symbols before you scale down and if you need to set the viewport scale to something specific, you’ll probably need to redo all of the symbols.

Are you using SU/LO2016 as your profile indicates? If you had 2018 or 2019, you could utilize Scaled Drawing in LO for much of the stuff you are adding in LO and that would make it much easier to change the scale.

Some important points that will make your work in LayOut much easier from the beginning and much easier to deal with when you need to make changes.

  1. Adjust the style in SU so no sky or ground. This makes it possible to get rid of the background fill in the viewports.
  2. Create scenes in SketchUp and use them for viewports in LayOut.
  3. DO NOT modify scenes in LayOut. This results in a partial disconnect between SketchUp and LayOut.
  4. Use Layers in LayOut to separate entity types. Put SU viewports on a layer low in the list and entities you’d draw in LO, on layers higher in the list.
  5. Lock layers that you aren’t working on.
  6. Don’t modify scenes in LayOut.

Thank you. I recently purchased 2018, but this may be in 2016.
How do I utilize Scaled Drawing in LO? Are there tutorials?
Are there tutorials on using Layers in LO?

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Start here: https://help.sketchup.com/en/layout/creating-scaled-drawing

In a nutshell, Go to the Scaled Drawing panel and click Make Scaled Drawing. You’ll be prompted to select a scale. Typically it would match the SketchUp viewport scale. Then draw. Enter real world distances as needed. If you want to change the scale later, you can select the scaled drawing group and change the scale in the panel.

For Layers, start here: https://help.sketchup.com/en/layout/using-layers

In SketchUp layer order doesn’t make any difference. In LayOut, layer order does matter. Things you want to show on top should be on layers higher in the layer list. Text and dimensions are the top two layers in my templates. Then LO drawing elements such as dashed lines, break lines, etc. And SketchUp viewports below that. My templates have 3 or 4 viewport layers because I frequently stack viewports.

For my templates page borders, title blocks, page numbers and other stuff like that are on layers toward the bottom of the list.

You can set up the paper size in LO, import it from the model, and select the appropriate scale from the menu bar to fit it.
DaveRIt’s very detailed :blush:

Thanks for the useful information, Dave

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Thanks. Do you mean the Scaled Drawing panel Dave refers to above?

Import a model and try it.It should be the proportional panel in the menu, as you can see.