Spiral Mold - Need Walls

I’m attempting to make a spiral mold. I have been able to create the spiral and the mold area I needed. The push down tool creates the necessary spiral shape. However I need to main ‘walls’ between each spiral layer. I’m cheating the process by creating deeper layers, but that’s not the real solution I need. I would like the bottom of the mold to be level and the walls be level with the top of the mold. How do I ‘lift’ the lines as walls.

add your .skp file and you may see more response…


spiral.skp (270.9 KB)
Thanks John. Uploaded.

do you have any reference images of the expected outcome…

I can’t figure out from your description or model what the end product or it’s mould might be…


No references. Let me hopefully explain.

Assume there is a hose falling from the center point and this mold will force the hose to fall into this specific spiral shape.

If the mold was 1/2" tall, the spiral part would be 1/16" into the mold. The lines itself are the ‘walls’ spiral which would allow the hose to follow the path.

I hope that helps. Sorry I can’t be more descriptive.

something along these lines?


Yes! Can you share the file and tell me how you did that so easily?

I’m sure it isn’t the right size for what you are after. I just made a guess.

Draw your spiral the way you drew it before. Then select the edges and use the Offset tool to offset those arcs inward or outward by the thickness of the wall (1/16 in. according to your description.) Then use the line tool to connect the end points of the two nested spirals. That will create the face you need to pull up with Push/Pull.

Weird when I tried to use the offset tool, it wouldn’t work. It simply made an awkward shape. Maybe I did something wrong.

Can you let me know how you made the spiral so easily? I had to import a design I have from AutoCAD and then trace the lines with the 3 point arc tool.

I used the Archimedes Spiral tool in the Curve Maker extension from the Extension Warehouse.

Why not just edit the component created when you imported the CAD file? No need to trace it.

when i imported it, it came in as solid piece. I couldn’t do any editing to it. Im literally 2 days into Sketchup so I’m assuming there’s a feature that makes it editable. Retrace worked so i started with that process.

Right click on it and choose Edit Component?