Sphere Edge handling

Hello all!
I have taken a sphere and kept only some of the edges. I tryed “Lines To Tubes” from JHS PowerBar and make a single solid with all of them combined but can not get there…

Any advise would be great!!

I suggest that you install the “Solid Inspector 2” extension from @thomthom (it’s probably available on the Extension Warehouse if you search there). After installing the extension, open the editing context of this object (i.e., enter the group or component), and then activate the plugin. It will help guide you to where there are extra internal faces, or holes in the surface, etc. Assuming that the extension finds something(s) preventing the geometry from being solid, you can press Tab to cycle between the sites of the various problems discovered. The extension can automatically fix various geometrical problems (such as removing interior faces). You will probably have to fix others manually. For example, draw new edges to close gaps, or delete superfluous faces.

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Also, since you’re using SketchUp Pro, you could use Solid Tools to join the segments.

Starting from a wireframe, use Lines to Tubes with the “Each tube is” set to “yes”. This makes each short section a separate group. Each of those short cylinders should be solid objects if your sphere is large enough. Then select all of these and use solid tools “Union” to combine them into one solid group. This might take a while. Outer Shell should work too (not sure of the difference) but sometimes it misses bits out, sometimes not.

You’ll probably still have to do manual cleanup as the pipes don’t have smooth bends from one line to the next, there were loads of gaps when I tried it, even though it still counts as a solid.

My original sphere was 1m radius.