Speed of Layout

You learn something new each day!

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not old age. I have the same issue in 2018.
I can type a whole sentence then sit back and wait for it to catch up.
I don’t even bother to try any more, I type my notes in pages and then cut and paste.

I’ve got a i7 8700k at 3.6Ghz an 64Gb of memory.:frowning_face:

Curiouser and curiouser.

Am beginning to suspect there may be no known answer to this. It’s useful to know because I would be seriously miffed if I went out and spent a shedload of money on a new iMac only to find there was no improvement. And with a different graphics card, it might actually be a retrograde step.

What’s a poor numbskull to do?

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Does this happen with all your LO documents, even a new blank one?

Does setting Display Resolution to Low in Document Setup help at all?

Is the view you are typing on set to Raster, Vector or Hybrid rendering?

Has your choice of font any effect?

(it seems I have no answers, just questions)

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its particularly bad adding a label. there is still a delay when just adding text to text box but not as pronounced.
display res makes no difference, raster seems to be slightly better but still delay.
font makes no difference.
blank doc super quick.

These are “airspeed of a swallow” questions for me, I’m afraid (MP & Holy Grail ref). But they are useful as things to test out, so thank you.

I can say that I usually work in Hybrid mode and that I never change the font, so it will be the default.

It may be that it used to happen occasionally in earlier versions of LO but I think it must be more regular now for me to notice it enough to annoy me.

I must test this too. Most of my text entries are labels as I go round drawings adding notes to specific things shown.

if it’s ’ Verdana’ or ‘Tahoma’ do you actually have it on your mac…

they are Windows fonts that only come bundled with the desktop version of Word…

if not in your Font Book font substitution will be happening…


It’s Verdana and it is in my Font Book.

From all my previous posts concerning running Layout on a Mac, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s the way Layout runs on a Mac. No idea why, but they just don’t seem to like each other.

Layout on my new super quick iMac runs slower than on my 3 year old MacBook Pro, with a lower spec.

That’s what I did @simoncbevans. Bought a new iMac and then held my breath hoping Sketchup 2019 would solve the issue I had. It didn’t. All I’m hoping is that the Sketchup Team spend no time this year developing Sketchup, and all the time developing and improving Layout.


The change log for the Web version allready shows three bugfixes and two entries since the release of version 2019…

No maintenance releases for desktop version, yet. @jbacus ?

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yes it runs like a dog on a Mac.
Ive got a beast of a machine and it runs like molasses.
It mostly affects documents rendered in Hybrid mode (which is really the only suitable rendering mode for crisp detailed drawings). For some reason even if LayOut is not doing anything (and CPU utilisation is negligible) the UI slows to a crawl - clicking, selecting, drawing simple shapes, moving a box, entering text etc

Do you think developers know? Seems very odd that Macs, that have long been known as the go to machine for anything graphic, should fall down on this.

I should think so… there is abeast of a thread here with some involvement from SketchUp Team.
Although not necessarily Mac specific.

Trust me, we know and we dislike it as much as everyone else. We are investigating many different areas where LayOut performance could be improved, but I’m not allowed to make any promises about future releases.



I get something like that in Windows at work when I have an OpenGL-using application (Archicad) open on a 4K monitor and I use, for instance, Word or a browser in a window on top of that - the display slows down noticeably.

Excellent. So I’m assuming we can expect a Maintenance release/upgrade sometime soon? :grinning:

Hi @adam

Is there any news and development in this?

To use a metaphor, using Sketchup is like running the 100m in 5 seconds, only to then be running through 10m deep treacle at the end when I then switch to Layout.



There is nothing more that I can say at this time.

We hear you, and share your pain.


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I’ve found that for my 2D vector drawings, patterns of any sort slow things considerably - I put them on their own layer and turn them off until I’m ready to output - it’s the difference between smooth scrolling and zooming and waiting for something to happen. Changing the display resolution from High to Low on the other hand has little or no effect.