Special character issue with LOFormattedTextSetPlainText

Latest 2017 SDK on Windows. LOFormattedTextSetPlainText and the settextwithstyle, both return error when I pass a UTF8 string with special characters. To test it, just goto the main.cpp in CreateTable sample in SDK and do the following

// Modify the “HEIGHT” cell’s text and fill color
result = LOFormattedTextSetPlainText(cell_text_ref, “HâEIGHT”); //notice the second char

You can use the windows Character Map tool to insert special characters.
It gives general_error. Is there any other API to use ? My Visual Studio setup is set for Unicode.
I need this as I am writing a layout exporter for a European client.


Following up on this, I looked at using AutoTags and there, LOAutoTextDefinitionSetCustomText supports European characters. So while this issue is no longer critical, would like to know if my original post is a bug or there is another way to do it.

I am posting a separate thread on documentation in the latest SDK.

Thank you for letting us know about this issue. I will try reproducing the issue locally.


Very strange. I am able to reproduce the error when modifying the CreateTable sample like you suggested, but I am unable to reproduce this in a different project.

One thing you can try is to prepend your string literal with u8 (e.g. u8"Hâeight"). You may need to also save the file as “utf-8 with signature” (under File > Advanced Save Options).

Hope that helps,

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Will try the u8 fix and update the thread.

Ok, the u8 prefix worked. Thanks.