SpaceX Launch

Looking forward to the launch, we will see if weather postpones it or not:


85 mins to go!

Uppskjutningen har blivit uppskjuten (the launch has been postponed). Swedish is a lovely language!


How can you string so many consonants together (…ppskj…)? English speakers can probably only pronounce about half of the sounds that a Swedish speaker can.

I started watching the live streams about 6 hours prior to launch. A big letdown when they scrubbed the launch 16 minutes out, but understandable.

My teenage kids thought it was hilarious that I was so invested and then the launch was scrubbed.

The double p makes the u sound short and skj is a single consonant sound, so it’s really just two consonants sounds. A bit like queue just having one vowel sound.


SpaceX Dragon Launch: 10 9 8 … 1 yes!

Just got in from watching the ISS go over. There was something trailing it and I’m going to say it was Crew Dragon. I don’t know that for a fact but it was heading in the same direction and a little ways behind it


We saw the same here in VA at 9:50. Having seen and photographed the shuttle trailing the station, I’m sure that’s what it was.
(Edit) I just stumbled on this photo exposure: 168 sec.


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Docking in a few minutes is live…