Spacemouse compact / w11

Good Morning
not sure if this is the right place if not please comment
Purchased 3dconnection compact puck, I have tried to adjust setting but nothing works any ideas

Since this isn’t a SketchUp issue, check out the 3D Connexion site to see what the status is on W11-compatible drivers.

Does it work with the demo apps that come with the 3DC drivers? If not, there is an issue with the device or the drivers. If only SketchUp is affected, did you install the drivers after installing SketchUp? They must be done in that order because the 3DC driver only adds its extension to installed versions of SketchUp.

Might you also have to make sure you follow the Evans method of installing?

Is that relevant to Windows? I thought it was a Mac thing?

Hmmm…you may be right but I thought the need to keep the firewall open during installation might be generally applicable.

I don’t know - I’ve never had to do it while installing 3DC drivers on either of my Macs, so it might not even be generally applicable there!

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