Sorting Vertices by Z value

I have a list of vertices for a face (vertical face) and I want to find the vertex with the largest (highest) Z value. I’m thinking to start with a sort (sort_by) of the array first but maybe there is a easier way to do this?

Perhaps something like this?

v_list.sort_by! { |i| i.position[2] }
vtx_highest = v_list[0]

This should be faster:

vtx_highest = v_list.max_by { |i| i.position.z }

I never noticed that method! I goes back to at least Ruby 2.0 - probably longer?
I always used container.max { |a, b| a.position.z <=> b.position.z }

Using max_by it’s nicer syntax when you work with points as you can then do points.max_by(&:z). But in the case of vertices you need to use the block version.

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Don’t forget the ampersand …


But the compressed (&:z) syntax is recent. Ruby 2+ I think.

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Ruby 2.0 was released in early 2013. It’s long since reached end of life. (Support for Ruby 2.3 has already ended). I’d argue it’s past “recent”.

Oh, how time flies.