Sort Does Not Work

I am logged in and select “Browse all of the Extensions” and get a list of extensions sorted by Name. As expected.

I select the “Most Popular” option from the drop-down list, but it reverts back to alphabetical list and does not sort by popularity. Closed and restarted Firefox, but no difference.


I see the same behavior using Chrome browser.
@Barry might know more about this.

Filed a ticket. Thanks.


II just wanted to chime in…that I still can’t sort via the latest Chrome Browser or with Microsoft Edge (on Windows 10 64 bit)

Same issue here. Doesn’t work in any browser I’ve tried.

Still cannot sort by most popular.

I wonder why this is so hard to fix… I mean, I don’t know what it takes to fix this, but it’s been an ongoing bug.

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Because the entire thing is being re-written.

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Funny, George, but, um… no. Just like a building owner is going to keep his building open and standing up for business while she’s building the new one next to it before she knocks the old one down, she’s not going to take workers off the new construction project to update it.

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Thanks, Barry.

Here’s hoping the recalcitrant search box is subject to revision.