Sort by most popular button isn't working (extension warehouse)

After clicking sort by most popular, it stays checked as sorted by title A-Z.

I tried it on the SketchUp program too, but had no luck.

I think I remember it used to work though…

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I believe that is a passive filter that searches through the selections you have filtered on the left. It displays previously filtered selections. You have no filters set on the left.

Oh I didn’t notice the interior design filter.
Appears to be broken.

So it’s still not working

I don’t think it ever has worked, has it?

I don’t know, but I have a foggy memory of it working. I might be remembering it wrong though. I think I thought it was working when it actually wasn’t. I was like, “wow, the most popular extensions are the same as the alphabetical ones… maybe because the first ones on the list get more downloads…” :joy:


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