Sorry If I'm being daft but template selection in 2018?

Um. I can’t seem to reference my templates folder in 2018 (Mac). No browse button in the Prefs panel anymore.
I use templates in multiple folders for different clients - do I now have to lump them all together in the Application Support location?


Starting with SU 2017, you need to manually manage template files in your application support folder. You could use the “save as template” feature to place a file in the folder however if you have a lot of templates to manage its best to move them yourself.

In SU 2016 and earlier, browsing to a file used to copy that file into the templates folder. This was problematic because people expected that a link was maintained to the original file. So Templates could get out of date and it was hard to diagnose why.

We do plan to keep making improvements to how app content is stored and managed so you should see better support for managing templates in the future.


Ok yeah thanks. I am migrating from 2016 hence not noticing the change last year.

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