Something went wrong trying to load folder

i submitted a ticket, unfortunately the worst timing possible as i their hours end at 5pm on friday and begin again at 8 am monday and it is 5:30pm friday as i submit it

We’re in Colorado, it’s 3:42pm.

oh okay, yes i got a response i didn’t consider time zones sorry

Quite a lot of accounts are under the same name, but different person. Only the email really matters.

she used her own email too

any progress?

Are you working through a VPN, too? If so, what happens if you don’t use the VPN?

i’ve tried with a vpn and without, still same issue, my mom created her account on a vpn and still had the issue too

I did work in support for two years, where I had access to more tools than I do now. I’m not able to look into the support case that you started. If what you are seeing is a known issue, the support team should be able to tell you how to solve the problem.

well they were working with me but stopped for the weekend

Yes, SketchUp is owned by Trimble, and Trimble have big company policies, including encouraging people not to work at the weekend. I’m a Sage in the forum, and don’t count my replies as being work!


fair lol

I have the same problem, I found a solution???

not yet

Several developers and others are looking at the problem.

One question, what is the exact version of Chrome you are using?

uh how do i check that?

I’m having the exactly same issue. I can create new projects but I can’t save or open files, it keeps loading forever and nothing happens. First time that I saw it was last night (less then 24h ago). Found something similar in a topic from 2018, someone told to open on Google Chrome the developer viewing mode and it shows lots of error mensagens, it’s look that Trimble Connect is down.

If you are on Mac, and using Chrome, you can type Command-Option-J to open up the JavaScript console, to see what errors are appearing there. If you see anything in red letters, take a screenshot for us to see.