Some walls are not shading in layout, some are

In Layout, why do some walls (and even sections of the same wall) not get shaded? Switching styles doesn’t matter. Same sections of walls still show unshaded.

PS - bonus question…what is the little red arrow about?


Can you share the LO file so we can see what you are working with and have some hope in helping you get it sorted?

The little red arrow is typically seen with text boxes that are too small for the text they contain.

Looks like you have chosen the random dot shading for the ones you say are not shaded.

If that is a section rather than a 2D plan, you can choose section fill and it wall all look the same wherever you have cut through something.

It looks like the problem is with the model, not layout. Here is a close up of the walls near that red arrow. As you can see, some are filling in at the top just fine, and others are not. Any idea of what could be causing this situation? The other areas of the plan that are not shading also look like this when I zoom in on them in the model.

Also - the red arrow - i tried zooming in on that in layout to hopefully delete a too small text box. The arrow just gets smaller and smaller with each zoom. Crossing window selection box doesn’t capture anything to delete. Thanks for any further help!

The volume of the wall may not be a closed solid.
You can inspect it with the Solid Inspector plugin from Thom Thom.

It doesn’t have to be a closed solid, but the cut faces must belong to the same context and have to form a closed loop at the section plane. In the screenshot, the wall planes are apparently interrupted by the window and door components.
This is, I think, something that the SketchUp developers ought to think about. Currently section cut edges work well only when no hole-cutting components are present.

I don’t think it’s that because the rest of the windows and doors are showing up fine. It’s just happening in certain seemingly random areas. Here a shot just a little further down the hall, but still capturing one of the random “hollow” walls (lower left)…

Share the .skp file so we don’t have to guess at why you are having the probelm.

ok - but it’s huge (190 mb), and i’m kind of new to these forums. Can I just use the same upload process i just used for those screenshots?

Not for a file that large. Upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

Ok - I can. But it seems really weird to be sharing a link to the entire model for the world to D/L to their hard drive. Is that how it’s typically done?

You could send it to me by PM. The point is, there’s too many possible causes that it’s a waste of time to be guessing at what your actual issue is if you want to get it fixed.

yes agreed - much easier if you have the model. how do i PM you?

Click on my name and then “Message”.

this is all i get…Screen Shot 2020-11-29 at 10.48.21 AM

Maybe you need another post or two under your belt. You should see this:
Screenshot - 11_29_2020 , 12_51_54 PM

yeah…strange…it’s not showing me that button

now it is! standby…

Alright. After looking at your model, I see that Anssi’s comments led to most of the issues.

There are places in the interior wall geometry where there are gaps in the wall faces which prevent section cut faces from showing. I found those using Solid Inspector2 because they were such narrow gaps. There are place in the exterior walls around windows where edges that should belong to the walls were not in the same context as the walls. The gaps are due to poor tracing of lines in the imported image and it looks like having Length Snapping enabled in Model Info>Units didn’t help. You should turn that off. You might also find it easier to see these narrow gaps if you set Profiles to 1 so the thick profile edges aren’t masking pairs of edges that are close together.

I also found that you are using tags incorrectly. ALL edges and faces should be untagged but this is what TIG’s Default Layer Geometry fixed.
Screenshot - 11_29_2020 , 1_21_00 PM

After all of that cleanup, I get section cut faces on all of the walls. Here I’ve made the section cut faces green so they show better…

I also purged unused stuff from the model.
Screenshot - 11_29_2020 , 1_53_41 PM

And as I type this, CleanUp3 is running thought the model. It says there’s about 3 hours and 30 minutes remaining. You have let the model get quite out of hand.

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CleanUp3 didn’t take as long as it threatened to do.
Screenshot - 11_29_2020 , 3_02_25 PM

Reduced file size by about 72.4%.

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