Some various SKP Wishes/Bugfixes for 2021

Hi Users and Trimble out there,

i have some various wishes for SKP.
I wrote an mail to the Trimble support,
but the support say, it is better to post
the wishes/ideas in this forum.

… so now wrote it here, as ordered.

Entity Info palette (see my attached screenshots)

Bildschirmfoto 2020-11-24 um 20.26.02

The red list is not enlargeable.
If you have a lot tags, you have to scroll very long, because
the list has only five rows, to the specific position you wand.
Thats not modern and could be done way better!

Often it happens that you set a group/component to a tag via the
green menu, but if you set something to a tag the text in green is highlighted.
If you are not aware and work fast with shortcuts, you can accidentally
create a new tag. the group/component is now on the new accidentally
created and unwanted tag.

In my work, this happens so often.

The cure (i think):

Please delete the feature to create new tags in the green menu.
Tags should only be made/deleted in the tag-menu and not in the entity-menu.

But instead in the green menu, you should have a filter option,
like the tag-menu gets with version 2021 (blue).

Bildschirmfoto 2020-11-24 um 20.33.48

So if i want to set a group/component or whatever with the entity menu:
Click in green (with the new filter option), do a search,
hit enter and thats it.

Way faster then scrolling the long way (works only if you know the tag names of your file).
For the users that want to scroll: enlarge the scroll menu as written above.
The enlarged menu, should be saved in height, so with the next opening
of this menu, the last height is loaded an been shown.

I use SKP on Mac and i have plenty of plugins.
The SKP userinterface is … what should i say …? … not so ideal (on Mac).

  • The plugin palettes don’t snap to each other.

  • The toolstips only work if the plugins are vertically oriented. Horizontally the tooltips don’t work.
    Try it out. First you need to restart SKP, if you orient a plugin from horizontal to vertical, before the
    tooltips are working.

  • I want plugin-menu with icon + text, not only icon. Most of the software i use, can do this.

  • You have no fullscreen application window (i don’t mean the working/drawing area to scale to full
    I mean that the application fills the whole screen, with specific areas for the palettes (maybe left or
    so that you don’t see the desktop shining trough.
    I used a lot of different software in my life. SKP has one of the most oldskool user-interfaces (Mac).
    Sorry to say that!
    Adobe, Serif with Affinity Suite, Blender, Rhino, and whatever competitor are further away.

    Conclusion: we need a modern interface!

A lot of people cry over a dark mode. I can’t understand that. At first, there are much more important
things to do in the UI, as darken all the things down.

See my personal SKP situation (it is a 32:9 samsung monitor with 5120 x 1440, so there should be lots of space).

Lots of floating single plugins. cant orient them horizontal because the tooltips don’t work horizontal.
If my Mac goes in sleepmode (after a too long coffee break), i have to rearange some plugins.
If i start SKP on the internal Macbook monitor, the plugins fill 80–90% of the screen.
i can’t snap and hide the plugins to a headline like the menu on the right.
If i scale the working area to fullscreen. the plugins overlap the working!
I see a lot of my desktop in the background. if i click a not direct on a plugin
i have the chance to open a document on the desktop backround.
I think all of this problems could be solved, if the head of Trimble wants it.
I think the software is made for the users, so please listen to them.

  • SKP is way to slow (or gets to fast to slow) in handling the numbers of polygons.
    See competitors like Blender or Rhino, they get also slow, but not so fast.
    Speed, speed, speed is needed!
    I often work with: endpoints and/or color by axis. Both options slow SKP dramatically down!
    Most, no all of the modern workstation have more than one cpu core, please find a way
    to use them.
    Not one core with lot of Mhz power is actual. The trend goes to lots of cores and
    many for only for specific operations (as the Apples new M1 Chips shows.)
    SKP need an overhaul in this situation (i hope this is anchored in the roadmap).
  1. Plugin-palette
    Why can the plugin-palette not sorted by alphabet?

  1. Setup for units
    I usually work with Vectorworks besides SKP and i set my units to the highest possible.
    In SKP it is: cm and 0,000000 (6 digits beyond “,”) and 0,000°

I use this setup because i want to draw as precise as possible.
Sometimes if i used a lower value for the units, i get lower precise.
(its not SKP fault, i drew not precise enough). So i decided to set
my units up to max. possible.

But if you have this setup, you have a lot of userinterface problems,
because you have more to read and sometimes the field in the
right bottom corner (sorry dunno the exact english name).
is too small to show units with 6 digits behind “,”.

Bildschirmfoto 2020-11-25 um 09.23.58

Vectorworks has the option to hide all zero numbers at the end!

3,567000 will be shown as 3,567
or 1,080000 will be shown as 1,08
or 2,000000 will be shown as 2

I like this feature in Vectorworks and wish SKP could have it too!

  1. Some specific wishes (not so important):
  • Ambient occlusion direct in SKP would be great. specially if you want to show
    something white without lines.
  • Can we have a light tool, so that we can set your own specific lights for interior/exterior.
    Hard shadows would
    Maybe if raytracing (rt) is more common, it would be nice to use rt direct in SKP.
  • I know SKP is a polygon modeler, but the real dream would be, if circles are real circles,
    and organic models are made of real nurbs-faces (or whatever).
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i forgot something:

Maybe we can get higher precision for the angles!?

Greetings, have a nice week and stay healthy