Some questions about SU Pro Price

I have one day left on my SU Pro 30 day trial. I have used it each and every day since downloading it 29 days ago. :smiley:

I’m thinking that sooner or later I will be purchasing SU Pro, but first I’m going to see how long I can live without it and just work with SU Make for awhile.

I still have a lot to learn. Many of the Pro features I have not even had a chance to work with yet, such as rendering or layout. I have a feeling I will be missing the solid tools right away.

Does SU Pro ever have any specials or go on sale?
After my 30 day trial will I be emailed incredible discount offers that I just can’t turn down?

How has the price of SU Pro changed over the years?

Must say I have really enjoyed my first 30 days of learning to draw in 3d.
A lot of that enjoyment has surly come from the members of this forum providing me with so much help.


Rendering isn’t a Pro feature.

SU Make should have access to Outer Shell from the Solid tools extension.

I was looking at this URL.

and seen…

Make hand-drawn rendering styles

as you can tell I don’t know anything yet about rendering.

Good, that Subtract Tool is pretty slick too but looks like that’s a pro only tool.

I’m sure there will still be lots for me to learn and do with SU Make.

There’s non-photo-realistic rendering and realistic rendering. Realistic rendering is done with ray-tracing 3rd-party apps/extensions. Those are available to Make users.

Non-photo-realistic rendering can be achieved inside SU by Pro and Make users. See and download some great, pre-made styles from SketchUpArtists. But Pro users can create their own custom edge styles with the Style Builder app that’s included with the Pro version.

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This is referring to access to Style Builder. An application that allows you to crete your own line styles that can be used in SketchUp. Style Builder is only available with the purchase of SketchUp Pro.