Some eGPU questions please help

So I just bought a aorus rtx 2080ti game box eGPU, And saw a few new and old video tutorials on how to install and use the egpu but I do have a few questions that I have not found an answer to. #1 do I have to install the drivers for the egpu and reinstall my internal gpu drivers Every single time I connect and disconnect the device? #2: can I just use the rtx driver for my internal gpu even if it’s a gtx 1060 or will that cause some problems. #3: can I use my pre-installed gtx driver For the rtx card?

How is this related with SketchUp for Web? It is a bit overkill for the browser-based modeller.
Modern browser like Chrome or Edge should work.
Might have more luck over here:

I used a egpu solution for a few years. Here’s a few suggestions:

  • I expect you need to install the drivers just once. Connect the egpu to the computer and run the nvidia installer.
  • I expect you will need to reinstall the driver once because probably only the necessary files for the gtx card are installed on your machine at this moment.
  • after restarting the machine open the nvidia panel and set your programs to using the egpu 2080ti card. If its not connected it will fall back on the other card.
  • every time you connect the TB3 cable, the machine will detect the card and use it.

At least that was how it worked on my P51 with a quadro and external 1080.

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