Some contours are shown, some contours are hidden


As you can see in the image, Some parts of the teapot are shown, some are hidden. The napkins are absolute with no lines. I don’t need color and texture, I need contour.

From just a screen shot it’s difficult to tell for sure what the issue is. Most likely you need to unhide the edges. If you share the .skp file so we can examine it, we can give you a definitive answer.

It is from the Warehouse
Teapot - tea pot | 3D Warehouse
and Napkins - Napkins | 3D Warehouse

Edit→Unhide→All doesn’t work here

It does if you open the component to the geometry.
unhide pot

I don’t know why it’s done but it seems a frequent thing with authors who upload components to the 3D Warehouse to hide the edges which typically makes the components for difficult to work with.

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Thank you a lot.
Now it works =)

This is a poorly designed UX aspect of how Edit->Unhide->All was implemented. For it, “all” means “all within the current edit context”, which is not what most people expect “all” to mean! There are extensions that do what users probably expect, so it would seem the developers don’t see much urgency in changing something that has been that way forever.

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I wasn’t expressing any opinion an the way it works. Only showing how it does work.

Yeah, this is great, that we have extensions.
Thank God I needed it only once =)