Solving no undo weird geometry problem

Hi, one of my friend solved a big modeling problem… It seems, autosave during move or push pull cause the problem, so he decrease the autosave time to get the error… You can enable English auto translate while watching, the solution is easy…

I think that the second half of the video is general advice about how to cope with crashes, by having backup copies.

For the problem you showed, will setting auto save to 10 or 15 minutes just reduce the chances of the problem happening? Like, if you were doing a push pull that lasted 16 minutes, the problem could still happen?

In anycase, you’ll be pleased to hear that the same issue was reported during the testing of SketchUp 2021, and was fixed for many different cases, not just push pull. Now, if you have set the auto save for 1 minute, and when the minute is up you are doing a push pull that lasts 20 seconds, the auto save is delayed, and happens after you finish the push pull.

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Hi, he reduce the saving time to reproduse the issue, he thinks if autosave and some drawing operations like move or push pull crosses, it causes the issue… The solution is, moving broken geometry before ctl z operation, after that, ctrl z works and you can back to before error situation…

Ah, that wasn’t clear from the video or the English translation. So, instead of an undo right away, do any other action, then undo twice?

That’s interesting, and good that it helps for version 2020 and earlier.

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Yes, i told him so, but he hasn’t tried it yet, he just use move but i think any tool can work before undo…