[SOLVED] File size, purge does not seem to work (component moved to new file reduces size by 90%)

Hi All,

I haven’t completely investigated this, but I had a basic file (a large shelf) and it was 1.7 MB. I thought it shouldn’t be that big as it is quite basic (no materials, scenes, etc.), so I copied it to a new file and now it’s just over 200KB in size. Is it that the purge function doesn’t work very well? Perhaps I’m missing something?

Additional info:

There are only 2 layers, all visible when purging. Zooming to extents shows no other entities.

Try turning on hidden geometry from the view menu and see if anything is hiding.

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Very good suggestion, I did check and there is no hidden geometry, guides, section cuts, etc.

However, you did get me digging and I found a large material that I did think wasn’t there. It has now been removed and the ‘New’ original file 100KB.

Thank you very much Box.