Solid Tools problem

Why doesn’t it work?

I can’t see how to download your file from that link.

Generally, Solid tools work, unless:

  • your parts are not solid
  • you are working with very small objects

which part is not solid?

scroll down

Just upload the .skp file directly into your reply.

Scroll down to sign up to pay for their service? Or upload my own file?

The group or component you are using the sold tools on. Without a model, we are guessing.

Dont’t work.



Download the file and tell me where?

Ps. Why can’t I use it on a flat surface?

Because a flat surface is not a solid (it has no volume).

I can download your file now, but you still haven’t told us what you wanted to do with solid tools.

Maybe selecting the large face, right-click->intersect with model would be what you wanted?


Thank You.

What else do I have to do?

You have a detailed model of a house that’s hidden and nested with your ‘curbs’, so it’s never going to be a solid, so you can’t use it as a solid to cut the ‘ground’.

It’s bad practice to hide massive parts of the model they are still there as far as ‘solid-ness’ is concerned.

Remake your parts so that the ground is a solid group or component and the ‘curbs’ are also a solid component… at the moment that also contains nested elements rendering even that a non-solid !

What exactly are you trying to accomplish? Your file has a large object like a tile and a component with different shapes roughly in the middle. The component is not solid, and it has several levels of unnecessary nesting within it.
Oh yes, TIG, I missed the house… it seem s totally irrelevant to everything else.

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I’m using the function Unhide All but I still can’t see the building.

It is because the building is within a component. Unhide All unhides only things within the current editing context. View menu>Hidden geometry shows it

What is it you need, the house (which is a complete mess due to triangulation and lots of unnecessary detailes “parts” as are the roof tiles)? or the curbes on the ground plane?

As for the house, you need to group geometry into logical objects and clean them up.
There are hundreds of unnecessary edges in the model!

Outside wall faces partly cleaned:

I delete house. I need cookies.

But the ‘cookies’ - aka ‘curbs’ still contain nested elements.
Explode these.
Then tidy up the contents of the component until it’s ‘solid’…
Now you can interact the two parts…

BUT you have not thus far explained exactly what it is you want to do…
I suspect there are far simpler ways of doing things…
e.g. using Intersect… and then manually deleting unwanted bits ?