Solid Tools giving false error codes

Hi. I am having touble with solid tools constantly giving me errors that say that the object is either not solid or locked. I ran my object through solid checkers and they have found no issues, also nothing is locked. Is this a known bug? I am just now using sketchup again after not using it for 5+ years, and am disappointed to find it is equally as annoying as before with unknown reasons for things not functioning as expected right off the bat.

Perhaps you can provide us with the .skp file where you have these issues. For it to be a bug, we could try to reproduce this behavior. In the last five years, I did not have these problems with the solid tools, there are some quirks, though, which is why I prefer BoolTools, which handles small geometry much better.
What decided you to come back after five years?
Expectations are always high when it comes to software (why doesn’t it do this or that?) but most of the time it just ‘what goes in, goes out’

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‘what goes in, goes out’

I would agree with that most of the time, but there are so many counter-intuitive decisions that the developers made for SketchUp just in general, that for SketchUp I make an exception to that logic. If I put 5 hours into illustrator or into sculpting by hand, I have a huge amount of work done. If I put 5 hours into SketchUp, I have a rickety thing that I have had to deal with being in a program that crashes multiple times and still may not even print because of mysterious holes. I was designing in Sketchup and getting things 3d printed 2010 - 2012/2013 with Shapeways and once their New York facility opened and all of my files started getting printed there instead of the Netherlands, the quality went to ■■■■ and I stopped ordering my designs to be printed by them. I cleaned them up by hand, took molds of them and cast them myself. So because of that in addition to Shapeways being a huge disappointment and the fact that getting complex curved sophisticated designs in Sketchup was a nightmare, I gave up Sketchup and started sculpting all of my designs out of wax by hand and casting them myself. I decided to come back to Sketchup for assistance with large-scale art projects and I was curious if Sketchup 2018 was any more intuitive than 2012/2013. So far, there isn’t much improvement from what I remember being ridiculously frustrating before. I had it crash the first time I opened it and tried to use it. It hangs constantly and has bugs with not quitting. Thanks for offering to look at my .skp. I will attach it later this evening.

I had the same issue last night. I first did a surface model on CadWork (a fantastic 2d tools for engineers) and exported it in dxf & dwg

Once imported, no way to give it some thickness. So I y used the 2d model to create 3 components that I had to “union” to be able to make a 3d object.

I had constant bugs to build a simple object representing a 5m long / 30cm high / 20mm thick wood board with rectangular holes in it.

The theory would be to create the bord first and then subtract the holes, but sketchup being very not practical to do that with precision, I wish I could go faster by making my elements in 2d and then process them in sketchup.

  1. No way to do that
  2. Constant bugs (testing v2018 = worst than v2016)
  3. I you try v2018, keep in mind sketchup salle politic, dont do anything you would wish to reopen in previous version… It’s possible to go around that, but then it is not the top of the top

“there isn’t much improvement from what I remember being ridiculously frustrating before”

right… it is being equally ridiculously frustrating today…

Personally, I can’t work seriously with sketchup to do all with it. I study my object in 2d Cadwork or Autocad and then use those informations to create 3d models in sketchup

Importing dxf or dwg is ok, but working with it its elements is just “forget it”

Could you provide us with that .dxf or .dwg ?
I am curious why you are having such a hard time converting it in a SketchUp model.
If not public, sent a private message by clicking on my avatar.

I am sorry Mike, but am not of english tongue and the bugs are too complex for me to define them.
Also, what am developing is not yet to be shared with anyone, I don’t have the autorisation.

I was trying v2018 and all I can say, I did not find any improvement with bugs I had with previous versions and I am angry not to be able to use the work I did on it with my v2016 without having to fuss around.

I got no trouble to import dxf or dwg files, the trouble comes when I want to edit 2d surfaces to solids in sketchup. I wish to make surfaces in 2d, it’s much faster, at last for me, to work with precision, then I would like to import them to make 3d components.

It never worked that way, so I resigned to use my 2d elements as foot prints to redo everything above it. It’s too much work, even more work when there are bugs.

Edgar Schnegg

Maybe there is a gap in the translation but it sounds like you are expecting the Solid Tools to do something to your 2D geometry. Is that right?

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anything in the past will suffice, or one small element.

For this, I would have to open my computer (I have windows for Cadwork) modify the file, transfer it through Dropbox and do all the processus (on my Mac) with sketchup, meaning import, redo 3 components on the print (since it’s not considered as a solid) to show you the bugs when I want to union the composed beam into to make one element (some lines that stay there when it should not)…

Am sorry, but I don’t have the hour it would take me.

Also, trying to pass from v2018 to v2016 using a 3ds file (since to pass from one version to a lower one, like AutoCAD permits, does not exist with sketchup) would also take me too much time to show you the result on a pdf document.

Again, am sorry.

Edgar Schnegg

It sounds to me as you won’t help us solve your problem. You can’t be bothered to provide us with some useful information to be able to help you. Why should we even bother trying to help?

Sorry, you don’t get it, I don’t have time to loose time, as my priority is to deliver some work to my clients so I can feed my family…

I paid for my pro license more than 15 years ago, first to support the sketchup team for its work and because I respect intellectual property. Then I paid for all updates until v2016 but now, I am deceived by their commercial attitude witch has nothing to do, to me, with their promises and probity : I have no reason to sacrifie my time for nothing.

Why don’t you ask them to give me a “normal price update” (not over a third of a full license) in exchange for my “help” ? This with not giving me an ultimatum that will force me to pay for a full license if “I wait too long”?

Never mind, you don’t get it…

Edgar Schnegg

I do get it. You have a problem that can likely be solved with little trouble if we can see the SketchUp file you are having problems with but you can’t be bothered to take a few minutes to provide that file.

Everyone who has been trying to help you has a family to feed, too. But we were willing to take some time out of our day to give to you. If you can’t meet us half way, why should we spend more time on you?

I have no more time to waste on this.

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I would argue that making precise rectangular holes in an extruded rectangle is pretty much the simplest thing to do in SketchUp, and can be done very practically and efficiently.