Solid parallel to another solid

Hi mates,

I dont know if there is some function or plugin in which you can to put a solid parallel to another solid without to have looking for the angle in every axis. do you know what I mean?

Thank you!

Can you post a screenshot of an example of what you’re trying to do?

Of course!

Put the solid on the panel is very tired and difficult when I have to do many times.


The first thing that comes to mind is using a component with “glue to any” properties…


I’d move an active section plane through the model and manually look for gaps. In 2019 with section fills it is very much easier to visually differentiate such gaps from the interior of individual solids compared to older SU versions.

I don’t think there is a plugin to automate this, and from a mathematical standpoint it is quite hard to define what “parallel” solids would really mean, even if a human can intuitively see when two faces are supposed to line up.

I think this option is very interesting. I’ll make every hold component with that properties.

Thank you very much IanT

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thank you @eneroth3. Soon I’ll try the 2019 version, but for the moment I think the best way is that @IanT tells us

My bad, 2018 is enough for section fills! I went directly from 2017 to 2019 so I forgot this was a 2018 feature.