Solid of rotation by follow-me - surfaces missing


I have a simple piece of 2D geometry in the blue-red plane. I want to turn it into a ring, by using follow-me around a circle in the red-green plane (or a plane parallel to the red-green plane. I select the circle, switch to follow-me, then click on my 2D geometry. Ketchup produces a ring, but it’s missing pieces corresponding to some of the curves that comprise the geometry.

Intuition suggests that there is an extra step I’m missing, that would bind together the curves of my geometry, which were drawn separately although I was scrupulous to make sure that all the curves met at endpoints and formed an unbroken figure in a single plane.

Any ideas? I’m attaching the file, plus 2D images of the geometry and the ring that Sketchup creates. Thanks,

blankup-standoff-003.skp (1.2 MB)


Unable to look at your model as I’m on a phone, but as an educated guess I would say your problem is caused by the size of your model.
SU has a tiny faces issue where faces don’t form if the segments are too small.
Scale you model up by 10 or 100 and try follow me again. Then scale back down when finished.


Bullseye! Thank you so much, and for the lightning reply! Very grateful.