Solid not Solid



Is anyone capable to fix this? I tried Solid Inspector-2-3 version. Read a lot of forums… SOLID SOLVER: shows me a lot of lines, but isn’t capable to fix (without delete all the project :°D) and the highliths aren’t permanent so i can’t work on it…Fan Guard Polygonal - Skyfinder.skp (355.8 KB)

Is for a 3D printer Upgrade, i wanna do another version with carved text, but without SOLID I can’t combine groups…

Before I tried a “fix stl-import stl” way, via 2 website, but now is a matter of principle…


Just a few unneeded edges and faces to remove.

Fan Guard Polygonal - Skyfinder.skp (381.1 KB)


Thanks very much but you did it manually or with a plug in like Cleaner 3?Now I’m on mobile, I can’t open it, but I wonder : is the polygon design manteined? Because with cleaner 3usually flatten everything :frowning:


Mostly done manually. Not difficult. Checked for anything I might have missed with CleanUp3 and Solid Inspector.

I softened edges so it looks smoother in the screen shot but it’s still faceted like any SketchUp model would be.


Some video tutorial that explain or shows part of what you did? Exist? :slight_smile:
Anyway with Cleanup 3 everything was fine but it seems so flat… That I thought it was messed up :smiley:


Not that I’m aware of. I just looked around the model looking for subtle clues pointing to problems. I found a few places where there were coplanar faces and some internal geometry. I think what I did is the sort of thing that comes from looking at lots problem models created by a wide range of users.