Solid Inspector² doesn't like holes

Hi all,

I’m creating a simple support for a fan and I need to make holes for two bolts in oposite sides. I managed to create the hole following the patern on my bolt, however Solid Inspector is now complaining my support is not a solid.

Here is a section view of the support:

I can’t make the other bolt hole because the support is no longer considered a solid.

Thanks for your help.

How about uploading the SKP file so we can see it.

SureSuporteCooler.skp|attachment (1.5 MB)

There are multiple ways you could go astray when cutting into a solid. What exactly does solid inspector 2 report? As @DaveR wrote, the only way to know for sure is if you can share your model.

Edit: you uploaded while I was writing!

You need to correct the face orientation on the block. The white faces need to be out. Then you need to make sure the threaded hole is intersected with the face of the block.
SuporteCooler.skp (244.2 KB)

Thank you!

I just figured out the gray color indicated the face was incorrectly oriented.

But how do I check the threaded hole is intersected with the face of the block?

Normally you would draw the face of the block so it is aligned with the edge of the hole. If they intersect the edge of the hole will be thin, not a thick profile edge. You’ll also be able to select the skin over the hole and delete it.

Not sure if I followed. What I did was drawing the bolt and the support separately. Then I moved a copy of the bolt over the support and used the subtract feature. I though that would be enough to create the intersection. Ah! maybe that is because the block orientation was incorrect? I will try again later.

[Edit]: It worked. Thank you!

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