Solid inspector 2 for Mac


I can’t seem to figure out how to turn on the Solid Inspector toolbars that are shown on the warehouse demo video. Can anyone help?


Have you installed it? Does it show in the Window->Extension Manager?

Then it should show here:


Or if you rightclick on the toolbar and adjust the toolbar


hey thanks Mike. I have it installed and can open the tool, but on the demo video there are additional toolbars that allow for detailed inspection of the errors… I can’t figure out how to activate those because they are not visible.


The only toolbar for Solid Inspector 2 contains a single button that looks like this:

When you run the tool a panel opens to show the errors. Select an error message and hit Tab. The view will zoom to the first error. Hit Tab repeatedly to step through the errors.

The other toolbars that show in the video are for other extensions and native tools.


The relevant dialog of errors pops up when you have activated the tool from the icon @DaveR shows.
Then you can tab through the errors.


@DaveR and @Box, these answers helped. Thanks!