Solid geometry changing after I downscale

Hi. I am attempting to make (what I thought was) a relatively simple part. I have a 4 in radius*0.25 in thick, and on one of it’s faces I am trying to cut a smaller circle (3.21 in radius) of precisely dimensioned divots. Because of how small the dimensions on the divots are, I scaled up my model by a factor of 1000 when I was initially doing all of the solid modeling. I was successful in making the part exactly how I liked it at 1000 scale. When I scaled the part back down to desired size, it appears the edges of 2 of my divots became jumbled, thus closing the face over the opening, despite this not occurring at 1000 scale when I made the cuts before. Has anyone dealt with this before, and how do I fix it? thanks360 plate_normal size.skp (9.7 MB) 360 plate_full size.skp (9.7 MB)

Downloading and opening your files now but if this is for 3D printing, why bother scaling down at all?

I’m seeing the same problem in both copies of the model. It makes me wonder how you placed the divots in the first place.

At two locations two divots intersect (as @DaveR I’m wondering how you placed them).
One pair doesn’t seem to “create” tiny edges when scaling down the model. In the other pair some edges at the intersection become too small, making them disappear (and some tiny faces too) which cause the overall large face cover the two pivots.

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