Software freezes when trying to add a tool bar, or use a tool

Hi All,

I am using SketchUp Pro '21. My issue started when I wasn’t able to add a Toolbar with out the Software freezing. The issue has now extended to not being able to use any tools with out the same happening. When I open Task Manager, the software is shown as apparently operating - it doesn’t state ‘not responding’…

This is a company subscription. The issue is logged as urgent as I have deadlines…just trying this route in parallel

Sounds like the toolbar dialog is opening offscreen, this would make the program appear to lock up but it is actually waiting for input from you.
If it ‘unlocks’ by pressing escape then it is likely the problem.
To get the dialog back
Go View/Toolbars then hold alt and tap space, then tap m, then any arrow key, then without clicking move the mouse around until the dialog appears, click to place.