Soften Smooth specific angle number? VCB?

Anybody know a way to enter specific angle values for soften/smooth? I’m working on a complex shape and wish to smooth all edges up to very specific angles, say up to 16˚ but not over 17˚, working with that slider it’s possible to get the numbers I want, but so imprecise and tedious.
I also wish soften/smooth data was a scene parameter so I could save bunch of different views at preset smooth angles without having to use the slider to hunt for a 1˚ difference every time. Guess I could have multiple files open, or multiple instances in my single file, but it’s already pretty big.

I’m always open to any bright ideas.

Use the slider to get it close, then arrow keys for precise number.

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Such a good idea, but perhaps that’s a Windows thing. Arrow keys don’t move my slider at all. I’m getting along OK actually, just annoying. Thanks for the thought.

Are there any preferences to adjust to get a Mac to use the arrow keys in this way?
May be worth the research?