"Soften Edges" tray dialog box is not completely shown

Old thread, but same issue here.
Switched to a 4k display 150% scaling (windows) and it’s looking like this:

soften edges obscured

I tried switching to 125% scaling but that didn’t fix it.
I do have the main 4k display set as my primary.

Any further suggestions?


I posted the same problem in a new post yesterday (sorry for that !).
Geo and DaveR helped me to solve this.
I had the problem with “Soften Edges”, but also with shadows, infos, …
Effectively, I was in a very high resolution, with a scaling of 250% ! (which worked perfectly in Sketchup 2019, and no more in 2020 !!!)
The resolution of the problem appeared with a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080, and a scaling of 100%.
With anything higher than this, the problem was still there !

Hope it will help !