Soap Skin Bubble... Inflates Downward

I can’t get the soap skin bubble to “Inflate” in the correct direction. The faces are correctly aligned (Not Reversed). I have tried everything…Reversing faces, using negative pressure values… I am at a loss.

I would appreciate any help.

Thank You

It would probably make sense to share a model that you are struggling with… otherwise all we can say is, “it works ok for me!”

have you tried taking a deeper breath before inflating ? :clown_face:

(but really, what Aaron said about sharing a file :slight_smile: )

can you let it inflate downwards and then flip it?

First of all, Thanks to everyone for responding. I really appreciate it. I will upload the file when I return to the office on Saturday or Monday. I did not see the upload icon in the dialogue box.

Yes thank you, I have been able to do that, but the faces are reversed, so I need to explode it and reverse the faces.

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No need to explode. Open the object for editing and correct the face orientation. Click with Select outside it to close.

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Thank You!

Again… to everyone… It is great to have a place where an individual can go and get answers to what, at times, seem like silly questions.

Best to everyone


If your faces are reversed, soapskin inflates down, as you’ve seen. You can reverse the faces the reinflate, or enter a negative pressure value to inflate up.

Thank you…The odd thing is that if I create 2 circles side by side, reverse faces on one and apply soap skin to both… They BOTH inflate in the negative Z axis… They both inflate “Down”.

You might find it easier to delete the face in the initial circle of other shape. SSB only wants the edges anyway.

Here I flipped the second SSB object in the blue direction before add the pressure. In both cases I used 20 for the pressure.

Thank you very much!
Reversing the faces makes no difference. Nor does deleting the face. The negative pressure and then reversing faces works just fine though…

Thanks everybody for their input.


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