Soap Skin Bubble code modification

I changed the code parameters of a few plugins via Notebook in Sketchup Plugins folder (SU 2017 pro, Win 7 64bit). I am trying to do the same with Soap Skin Bubble, exactly: increase max. skin interpolation from 100 to 200. Is it possible? I couldn’t get access to the code via Notebook because this plugin stores code in .rbs and .rbe files (unreadable with Notebook). The only .rb file (the loose one in Plugins folder) contains only general information about the plugin, not the entire code. Is this because Soapskin is a time-limited plugin and the author doesn’t want the users to modify the code?
If the modification is possible, do you know any software to open .rbs and .rbe files?
Also there are two very strange formats of files in the plugin’s folder: .hash and .susig.

.rbs and .rbe are encrypted file formats to protect the author’s intellectual property. You cannot decrypt or modify them without violating the terms of use.

Ok, thank you for explanation. And super-quick reply :wink:

Contact the author and ask. There may be a thread for this plugin on SketchUcation forums.

I forgot to address this part of your post previously.

These are “signature” files that are generated by Trimble at the request of an extension author at the same time as the .rbe and .rbs They are used to check whether any files in the extension have been modified since the signature was created, i.e. that no one has tampered with the extension - which is exactly what you want to do!

Their effect depends on the Loading Policy setting you choose in SketchUp’s Extension Manager Window. If you choose “Unrestricted” (default) the signature files are ignored and all extensions are allowed to load. If you choose “Approve Unidentified Extensions”, any extension that lacks the signature files can load only if you explicitly approve it. If you choose “Identified Extensions Only”, the files must be present and the extension contents must match the signature or the extension will not load.

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