Snip off section of a solid?

Newish user here. I use AutoDesk Civil3d daily and have toyed with SU but this is a first doing something official. Building a 3d version of a planned amphitheater. I have been tracing the flat “plan” from autocad and created these thee-dimensional shapes. I’d like to trim down this side wall as shown. Whats a best method for doing this?

It’s hard to tell exactly what the shape is from your screen shot but very likely you could select the short top edge at the front of the wall and move it down to create the slope.

Or, if the sides are parallel to each other, draw the diagonal line with the Line tool and use Push/Pull to push away the waste.

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Thank you for responding. Neither of your suggestions work for my model for some reason. I cannot drag the short line and when I draw the diagonal, I can only PULL the model.

Upload the SKP file so we can see where it falls apart.

What happens if you delete those vertical edges above the tiers on the other side? Can you then move the front edge down or do you lose the faces on the wall?

Theres some conflict with the “tiers” of the theater on the inside. Ive obviously assembled this incorrectly.

Maybe. If you can share the file we can help you get it assembled correctly.

If you delete the vertical lines leading up to the horizontal surface (except for in the corners of course) it should work.

File is apparently too large to upload. Can I send out just a portion of a model?

Yes. You could copy that part of the model and paste it into a new file to send. Or you could upload to DropBox and share the link.

Thanks, Dave, I wasnt sure the rules on linking.

Got it.

so as several of us have suggested, erase the vertical lines on the step side of the wall. You’ll then be able to move the front end edge downward. The short edges at each end of the wall are no parallel so there would still be an issue.

You need to learn about using groups and components before you get too far along. I would make that wall a component or group separate from the steps for example. That will prevent them from being welded together. I would also suggest you wait to apply textures. Add them after the model geometry is closer to complete.

And you need to read up on how to use layers. They don’t work the way you are using them.

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