Snapping Issue (page setup/model info?)

Hi guy’s I’m having and issue with snapping components together, I have a feeling I don’t have my page or model info setup quite right or something …

I’m trying to snap these two components together with the centers matching up but I cant figure out an easy/accurate way to do it,

any help would be greatly appreciated!

If you hover over the endpoint of the circle with a move tool, you will be able to find the center point of the circles and do the same for the other part respectively.

Cheers Joseph, It’s not working quite right for me so I think I will try re-doing this model

In this case I wouldn’t jump to re-doing the model that soon.
Switch the style to ‘X-ray’ and turn on ‘Hidden Lines’ to see all the hidden lines of both objects. Now try moving one object (grabbing by an endpoint) to the target (matching endpoint on second object).
It’s a good exersice.