Snap Points constantly stop working

Sketchup is constantly losing its ability to find snap points, and if I click anyway it appears to get the right point, but then doesn’t give me any axes guides or allow me to lock an axis with arrow keys. It is not affected by being in or out of groups. I can often fix it by hiding the program and reopening it.
I’m running Sketchup Studio Version 23.1.341 on a mac, with Sonoma 14.2.1. I’m gathering that there are issues with Sonoma and painting materials, but didn’t see anything on here about this.


SketchUp 2023 doesn’t support Sonoma so it’s possible there are graphics issues.

Please correct your forum profile. SketchUp Studio is not SketchUp for Schools.

I’ve had this happen with Sonoma, and when it does I save the model at that point. Following the save the inferencing starts again for a while and then rinse and repeat!

I have this same problem and it’s extremely annoying. I have found that if I am trying to snap and it won’t, I can select another tool then switch back to the tool I’m trying to use it will then work. I can’t believe that Sketchup 2023 doesn’t support Sonoma. None of the other programs I use are as far behind as Sketchup. Very frustrating waiting for Sketchup 2024.