SMC Pneumatic Cylinders won't import


Hi guys/gals,

I design Automated Assembly Machines that often use pneumatic cylinders. When I used the previous version of SketchUp (2016), I could import the 3D cylinder models directly from the SMC website. But since I upgraded to 2017 (last week), I can’t import these models anymore.

All the cylinders I have previously saved in my personal library will import, but not any new ones I download from the SMC website.

Does anyone have any bright ideas?




How about sharing a link to these cylinders so we can try them and have some hope of helping you?

What version of SU2017 are you using?

Please complete your profile with SketchUp version and license type.


Hi Dave,

I’ve updated my profile with my info.

FYI, I’m running Windows 10 and my Graphics card is Intel® HD Graphics 620 (4182MB).

This is where I get the SMC models from (see CAD download for the respective cylinder):

Hope this helps.




In what format are you downloading the file?

The first one I downloaded, JCDQ100TF-25 – JC(D)Q, in the SKP file won’t open. SketchUp reports an unexpected file format which indicates the file is corrupt. That would be something you’d need to take up with SMC.

The STL version imported just fine, though.


Hi Dave,

Really appreciate your help. Glad it’s not just me.

I’ve contacted SMC and am waiting to hear back from them.




Good luck. At least you can move ahead by importing the STL files.