Smart UV unwrapped and AO baked in Blender but having issues!

Hello, a friend of mine smart UV unwrapped and AO baked my vehicle model in Blender, it shows up correctly in Blender but when import it into SketchUp, it appears like this in the following picture. I need help and help it can be fixed.

What format are you using to transfer from Blender to SketchUp? Are you importing the model correctly scaled? Can you post the model as exported from Blender?

I am using the .3ds format to transfer from Blender to SketchUp.

Check in the import options that you are using a large enough import unit. Use a larger than life import unit if needed. A common reason for missing faces in imports is the inability of Sketchup to create faces with smaller edges than about 1 mm.

Okay, are these the correct options that I am looking for?


My 3DS into SketchUp import options dialog looks like this:

Okay, how do I locate that dialog box?

File menu>Import, select 3DS as the file type. Assuming you are using SketchUp Pro (licensed or trial). I don’t know anything about 3DS import plugins except that they exist.

Yeah, alright. I see the dialog box.


What would be a good larger life import unit?

Hey! So I decided to export it as .dae from Blender and import it as .dae into Sketchup and this pops up: I think it solved the problem?

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