=SMALLEST function is not working for me

I am trying to limit the lenX of a railing assembly. When I insert the =smallest(current"LenX",76) I get an error message

AM I missing something? I feel like I am… Thanks.

Also this component is jumpy when resized. Is this just the nature of Dynamic Components or is it something to do with the order of the sub components?PVC 45X2 OPPOSITE.skp (112.6 KB)

You have no parenthases in the CURRENT() function.
Also, when on a Mac, you should untick ‘using smartquotes ‘ in the System Preferences->Keyboard->Text of the mac.

@MikeWayzovski is correct. Here’s how it should look:

Hey. Thanks for the responses guys. Was the smart quotes messing things up. And the brackets as mentioned.

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