"small" facets not rendering, and union operation taking long time

Hi guys,
I heard that SU has issues rendering small facets sometimes. I’ve created the below manifold, and scaled it to 100x real size (so the long dimension across the bottom face is 15 metres!
The model is fine until I run a boolean union command to merge the subcomponents prior to printing. Taking a LONG time to run that operation on these items - around 10-15 minutes per group, though that could be due to the complex curviloft tubular components.
I don’t think these facets are particularly small. Perhaps if I make it another 10x bigger it will help - though hopefully it won’t increase the union operation time any further.

Any advice for getting rid of these items? Should I export all the individual components to another program, and merge them there?


Seems another factor of ten fixed the issue:slight_smile:

Actually not. One of the manifolds still fails boolean unions even when 10,000 times normal size.
Maybe I’ll rebuild that component with a slightly different path for the curviloft.

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