Slow processing in model

Good morning,
In my S.U. Pro 2021, I noticed problems with processing speed (when moving around using the tools menu, modifying etc.). Will the Tags/Layers for certain items in the model turned-off speed the model navigation up? I “Purged items” in Statistics. The slow processing speed and lag began after downloading Trees (from 3D warehouse) with a high polygon count and file size. I assumed turning off tags/layers would free up space for the model to be able to work in it. I couldn’t upload a file. There was an error message, Thanks for any help .

This is the reason. Turning off their tags might help temporarily.

I attached 2 screenshots in the model. But couldn’t upload the file due to an error message assuming it was too large of file 71,000 KB

Thanks, So after turning off tags in the default tray (entity info), does this mean it frees up space in the model without actually reducing the file size? Am I correct on this?

In addition to the trees, your integrated Intel graphics doesn’t help either. Do everything you can to reduce the work your graphics card needs to do.

No. It just means your graphics card doesn’t have to invest resources to display the trees.

Thanks, actually I’m in the process of purchasing a new laptop with “dedicated graphics card” and should improve things later. For now, I’m using the old laptop with minimal work.

Understood, which means it doesn’t have to render each time I’m navigating in the model.

Yes. Exactly.

What you can try is to create a Style that use minimal rendering like monochrome without shadows and the tags assigned to heavy components turned off. Then, create a Scene using this Style and all other settings. Lets pretend that you call this Scene “Modeling”

Then create another Style showing your model with all the bells and whistle and create another Scene to memorize that. Lets pretend that you name that scene “Render”.

Make sure that the scenes do not memorize the camera settings so that a carefully zoomed, orbited and panned view will not be lost.

You do that only once. Then, to navigate the model, you first click on the “Modeling” scene tab then do your work.

Once you are satisfied with any change you click on the “Render” scene tab.