Slow Panning and Moving about

Hi All…
I have been using Sketch Up for about 6 months self taught and getting on okay. So much training online and great support… BUT i need some help…
A model I have created of a Supermarket Checkout is great, but when I copy it multiple times and the move about the model it is very slow and items appear as outline boxes until I stop moving and it catches up…

That’s a sign that your graphics card can’t keep up with rendering all of the geometry in your model. Might be that your model could be simplified. Maybe something as simple as choosing a “fast” style (profiles off) using Monochrome face style and turning off shadows.

Share the .skp file so we can see what you are working with. There are likely other ways to optimize the file to improve performance.

Each time you add a copy of your geometry you are doubling, tripling, quadrupling the number of polygons in your model. When you orbit or pan the model your graphics card has to recalculate the location of all those polygons on the fly. As your model complexity increases your graphics card can struggle to keep up with the number of calculations necessary, which manifests as lagging or jumpy movement. One of the ways SketchUp tries to improve this when your model is difficult to render is by temporarily replacing the components with black frames while you are moving, this saves the graphics card from having to re render those objects on the fly which allows for smooth moving again. Once you stop moving then SketchUp re-renders everything on the screen in its new location. This is normal behavior.

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Check that you don’t have hidden geometry or profile edges activated.

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