Slow on a small model faster on a bigger model?

for some reason when i move around a model it’s extremely smooth and now i copied and pasted parts of that model in a new file and it became really stuttery and slow when moving around.
i had this happen before randomly but is there something that i can do to make this not happen?
cleaned it up with the cleanup plugin. reduced the AA to 0x. nothing.
i went in the NVIDIA control panel to see if i could do something in there but it didn’t seem to change anything so far.
not a new problem and not unusable but it’s really annoying.

You might share the one that is stuttery so we can take a look. Maybe we’ll see something that would help you get it sorted out.

I’m not seeing any noticeable performance difference between the two files.

I do see a lot of incorrectly oriented faces in the larger model file,

Incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 8_17_2021 , 4_02_12 PM

And a little bit of unused stuff.
Screenshot - 8_17_2021 , 4_02_42 PM

ok thanks for checking it out. i’ll see if i can find anything in my pc that could make the processing of the small one different or something like that.

I did find something that might have an impact depending on your graphics card’s capabilities.

The larger file uses a “fast” style. Note the green stop watch symbol on the thumbnail.
Screenshot - 8_17_2021 , 4_10_45 PM

The other one uses a “not fast” style. Absence of the stop watch.
Screenshot - 8_17_2021 , 4_09_38 PM

The key difference is that in the smaller file the style has Profiles turned on. In the larger one they aren’t.

Try editing the style in the smaller file and turn off the Profiles. Then see if you notice a change.

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■■■■! that might be it! i never noticed this symbol.

it works!! thank you so much! i will never have to worry about this random issue anymore!

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