Slow cloud download

I’m experiencing extremely slow downloading of existing job files from the SU Cloud. Sometimes is doesn’t respond at all, sometimes takes several minutes to bring in the file and once in awhile I get a reasonably quick response. Is there a way to determine if it’s my router, internet connection or SU’s cloud server?
I’m running an iMac with the following:
Screen Shot 2021-06-09 at 9.10.28 AM
(not sure if that loaded the image into this description)
Running Big Sur and subscription SU Pro

What do you mean with ‘SU cloud’ ?

On Mac, if you save to a location that is synced with iCloud, the Mac takes care of up and downloading.

Many temp files are created and it will hold any autosave or backup actions of an App.

With SketchUp, the file size tends to grow rapidly and things get stuck. The upload speed of your internet is than probably the bottleneck.

Check which locations are set to sync with iCloud in the System Preferences and than clicking on the Apple ID at the top right.

If you are talking about download models from 3D Warehouse into your existing document, there is an issue that some people have seen, where it can take several minutes for the new component to appear.

Try downloading the same model into a new document, and if that comes in quickly enough, work on the model to make any changes you want to do, then copy and paste it into your real document.

thanks Mike, My (mis) understanding was that the files are stored in the SU cloud but you’re saying the only cloud is the Apple cloud. Therefore, can I set the preferences to save the files directly to my hard drive within the iMac computer. My understanding of these things are basic at best