Slow and jerky orbit when close up. AMD Radeon R9 m395x

I’m having issues when orbiting models in Sketcuhup 2016. I’ve recently upgraded to an iMac running a AMD R9 m395x card. Strangely models orbit better when large. It is when looking at a small component object that it struggles and locks up. Is this a graphics card compatibility issue? I have no problems at all when using more powerful software such as Rhino.

The problem with jerk orbit has been discussed here before - it has something to do with the combination of OS X 10.11.4 and SketchUp models with multiple scenes. Nobody has yet found a reliable workaround except to not use scenes (which obviously isn’t a realistic alternative).

Thanks, I try without any scenes. I had noticed it was also slowest with objects hidden, but you think it’s more of a OS issue rather than GL. I’ll look out the previous threads.