Sloping Radius

Hi everyone.
I am quite new to SketchUp and have basically been learning myself using online tutorials etc.
I am currently trying to replicate a Flushbolt for a door but i am having difficulty in creating a slope which has a radius at each end both at different angles to each other.

Could anyone please give me some advise on this?



Do you have another picture of this thing from a different angle? Might be easiste to cut a cylinder at an angle.

Hi Dave

Here are a few more Pictures

Thanks. And yes, I think I would start with a cylinder at a shallow angle and cut it off.

How will this model be used once you’ve created it?

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Thank you Dave i will give it a try.
It will be used as an image in a brochure showing dimensions

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maybe this one ? DBS02 stainless steel door flush bolt - UNITY Hardware Ltd.

You’re welcome Anthony.

If it’s not too late, based on the image supplied by @kabakak51, I would do it differently. See below.

Draw an oval to the overall length of the opening, select the bottom face of the recess and use Scale about center to scale the length of it to get the right slope.

I gave the recess a little thickness with Joint Push/Pull, added the thickness for the plate and then cleaned up the geometry to leave it a solid component.

For small details it would be a good idea to model with units set to Meters. The think is 19mm wide in the drawing so make it 19 meters wide.

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oh yeah that makes sense and looks a much easier way. Thanks again your help is much appreciated

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Best of luck.

Of course I had to have a bit of a play.