Sleepless Night

FYI - I followed the link earlier and it worked for me.

I read an article years ago called, “Cars with Faces”, or something like that. Your tractor kind of looks like a frog to me!

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I don’t know how good it would be at jumping though.

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Lanz Bulldog Views


Another little machinist’s model. This is a funny two cylinder steam engine.
Bernay 2 Cylinder
A few links, and screws left. I have to sort out the valve timing before I can add the final links.


Steam operated clock in Vancouver BC


Bernay 2 Cylinder
Timing set for midway between top and bottom of the crank. Doing that is just a walk in the park with @TIG 's Tangent Tools.

This engine’s geometry is unusal. It would have been fun to see how the Joseph Bernays worked it out back in the 1870s.

FWIW, as with all my other models, every bottom level component is solid.


Views of Bernays’ engine set up in LayOut. Follow the link if you want to see the full sized version.

Bernays 2 Cylinder views


One more machinist’s model. This is a two cylinder, single valve engine.

2 cylinder vertical steam engine
Valve timing is definitely easier with a single valve.


As with all things SU. So little time, so much to learn. Excellent Dave.

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Thank you sir.

It’ll come with practice. :wink:

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