Slash switches dimension to eye height on my iPad

I use my iPad frequently to touch up models while I am on the road. I am a Sketchup Pro subscriber. When I try to set a distance on my iPad like 3/16. The command switches to Eye Height when I press the slash key. It doesn’t do this on my desktop. Do I always have to use decimals? Or is there a way to change this. Entering 3/16 is just more convenient than converting fractions to decimals on the fly.

Strangely, the Walk tool shortcut is set to /

You can use the search option to find Walk, and change the shortcut to something else. I used Shift-W, that seemed to work, and it freed up / to be used for measurements.

I will mention this to the iPad team.

Thank you. That’s a big help

I have the exact same problem.