SKU Pro 21 not working correctly

After I installed SketchUp Pro 21 on my Desktop about three weeks ago I started to notice that there are four functions that don’t work anymore; the “preferences” under the windows tab, the “3D text” under the tools tab, the “edit watermark settings” in the style tab and my space-mouse will not acknowledge SketchUp as a program to interface with. I contacted SketchUp’s support team and made a trouble ticket but that was two weeks ago so I reached out to them again last night. Do you know of anyone else that has been reaching out for questions like this?

Postscript: the weird part is that all of those problems mentioned go away if I use my laptop but my laptop has slower RAM (6Gb), slower processor (i2), a slower graphics card (GL 620), and the space-mouse works extremely smooth. Please somebody help!

I believe you have windows off the screen. That often happens if you use external monitors. first, try disconnecting external monitors if they are on, or reconnecting them if you recently disconnected them, restart sketchup and check if it’s still happening. otherwise :

Step 1 : press ALT+SPACEBAR

Step 2 : Now press M , which will basically choose the Move option

Step 3 : Now use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the window to the new position that you desire.

follow these steps once you clicked on preferences, 3d text… or any other function that usually pops a windows out and makes you feel that sketchup is not responding anymore

Support are missing having me around, and are a bit behind at the moment. A colleague is replying to say that we think Paul’s suggestion is going to solve the problem.

Paul, you should work for Trimble SketchUp. You are Google plex of information. The disconnecting procedure worked perfectly for three of the four issues. I am going to reinstall my latest version of 3D Connexion and see if that fixes my space mouse problem. Thank you so much you are truly a credit to the SketchUp Community and Yourself and I am honored to have corresponded with you.


Hopefully you got everything sorted by now. For future reference, you have to re-install the 3DConnexion drivers after you install a new version of SketchUp. Their installer detects what version(s) of SketchUp you have and adds their extension only for those.

Haha ! No worries. I guess many of the people helping each other here then should ! I’m just glad I could help.