SKP PRO 2020 Crashes when placing 3D Text

Trying to place 3D text in 2020 skp pro. When clicking “Enter” or “Place Text” the cursor turns into the paint bucket and SKP promptly crashes. I’ve seen earlier threads on this very same problem. Does anyone have a solution??

Please update your profile, it would be helpful to know what Mac OS you are running.

Updated. Let me know if that helps.

Did you ever figure out why the paint bucket cursor was showing after placing 3D text?

I found out soon after posting that the symptom was a known issue for a short while. I have a new case where someone is seeing it again. If you found your way to this topic while looking into the issue, reply with which version of Mac OS you’re on, and which exact version of SketchUp.

Exact same issue but with skp pro 2019 - cursor turns to paint bucket and file promptly crashes when trying to place 3D text. Is there a fix or update?

I fairly often see the paint bucket cursor appear when I did nothing explicit to activate it - but without crashing. I think it most often happens when changing tools or closing a dialog. One instance I can repeat reliably is to open then close the “About SketchUp” panel right after opening a file. Example gif attached below for a freshly opened blank file (i.e. except maybe for something an extension did during load, this is a clean start). After that first occasion, the same dialog won’t provoke it again. BTW: I can place 3D Text without either crashing or seeing the bucket cursor appear.

SketchUp 20.1.228 on macOS 1.5.5, 2019 16" MBP.


Edit: the reliable case is right after launching SketchUp, not always right after opening a file.

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I later on found that this was a previously known issue, and was thought to be fixed in 2019.3. QA are checking into whether the problem has returned.

Cursor change also frequently when you have an incoming message.(par example from Sonos, imessage, etc.)
Sometimes the cursor reverts to the select arrow, but it continues to work with the actual tool that was active.
Other times I have seen it changes to the paintbucket tool

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The difference in this case is that the tool is actually changed to the paint bucket.

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